Recent Calls
Sat. Oct 17th 2020
Call to Dollar General for a structure fire. No structure fire. It was a belt smoking on an air conditioner unit.
Tue. Oct 13th 2020
Call to assist Leechburg with a person stuck in elevator on the 1st floor. Door opened and call canceled.
Wed. Oct 7th 2020
Call to assist Bethel Township with a motorcycle accident with injuries at Dime Road and State Route 66. Response canceled by Bethel Township.
Wed. Oct 7th 2020
Call to 1165 State Route 66 for a tree down on power and telephone lines. West Penn and Winnstream notified.
Fri. Oct 2nd 2020
Call to assist Leechburg with a vehicle into a electric pole on Pershing Ave. with wires down.
News Headlines
Fri. Oct 23rd 2020
The winner of the Tip Board serial #93129 for the Springfield XDS Mod 2 ACP is #25 Derrick Parady.
Fri. Oct 23rd 2020
$20.00 Tip Tip Board For our next 50 Tip Tip Board, we are offering a Springfield XDS Model 2 45 ACP. Tip Board Serial # 93129 Tips
will be offered for $20.00 each, and we are accepting credit and d...
Fri. Oct 23rd 2020
July 16, 2020 -- $100 Ticket #20 Kathy L.Johnson. -- $100 Ticket #289 Angela Vigna. -- $100 Ticket #351 Mark Speiring. -- $30 Ticket #64 Christine Disciscio. -- $30 Ticket #45 Peg Stitt.-----Ju...
Wed. Oct 21st 2020
We are hosting a Blood Drive November 24th. Click on picture to enlarge it.
Sun. Oct 18th 2020
We are hosting our anual Turkey Dinner on November 8th 2020. It will be done as takeout drive thru style. Dinners are $11.00 for each. Please, we strongly recommended ordering ahead of time. You can c...

Any person age 14-17 may become a Junior Member of this department, while any person over eighteen(18) years of age may become a member of this department.  He/She must be of good moral character, a resident of this community when joining, a spouse of a member, and be physically able to perform his/her duties.


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